Business Partners

Sophelle –

Sophelle is a leading IT consultant devoted to helping major retail organizations plan and implement technology initiatives. We work with emerging businesses as well as Fortune 500 retail corporations to build and execute sound technology strategies.
Services that Sophelle offers:

  • Strategic Planning / Management Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance and Risk Management
  • Application Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Staffing Services & Productivity
  • IT Governance



Lightship Partners –

Since 2001, Lightship Partners has been helping senior executives, boards of directors, and investors assess, plan, and manage initiatives involving business technology and operations.
Lightship provides assistance as an independent trusted adviser and manager throughout all stages of change initiatives and transactions. Lightship can lead efforts to identify opportunities, design solutions to address these opportunities, and manage the subsequent projects and initiatives.

For Executive Management ...
  • IT and business alignment
  • Supply chain strategy and execution
  • Systems and technology strategy and execution
  • Program and project planning and management
  • Assistance with business process outsourcing


For Investors and Directors ...
  • Due diligence, planning, and management assistance with investments, mergers, and   acquisitions
  • Interim COO/CIO staffing


POP Technologies –

An established, reliable, full service and fully accountable IT services company, providing help to small and mid-sized micro businesses.

We offer a unique service delivery model which provides affordable enterprise class support and services to a market who might think they cant afford it or might not be aware of it. Consider us A Resource Center for small and mid sized micro businesses who struggle with:

  • Day to day support of computers, LANS, WANS, telephones, peripherals, applications and systems.
  • Making decisions on what, when and how to upgrade hardware and software required in todays networked, plugged in and vulnerable world of IT.
  • Paying for required products and services.